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Content Positioning
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The registration closed on 22 April.

I am Vinish Garg, and I strive to help you give due credit to content, whether to refine your product idea, information architecture, content strategy, for technical writing such as product knowledgebase development, or for storytelling. I work closely with your product team to help align your content vision with the business goals. It helps you in clarity of thought and for clarity of purpose for what you are trying to achieve and how content can contribute to the whole process.

If you are struggling with anything where content has a role, I will share some definite pointers with actionable advice to contribute to your strategy.

I offer...

  • Content strategy including analysis and roadmap
  • Information architecture (the 'design for content' approach)
  • Product knowledgebase and technical documentation deliverables
  • Joining jots in current content processes for strategy, analysis, and planning

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You Pay: Only $360 (not $600), Save 40%

The registration closed on 22 April.

You have some choice here. If you are sure that you do not want my 5 hours of work, I offer you the rest of everything for $99. Yes, you read it right. You get my video call, a recap call, and all the goodies for only $99.

Amazing. And Goodies...

You never know how Mixergy videos, or MailChimp secrets (MailChimp is not available in deal anymore from 01 April 2016), or TMail can give you some real and positive directions for your business, processes, or strategy.

A MailChimp Course by Paul Jarvis

50% Off

Video Interviews With Entrepreneurs

Free. Worth $49 Minimum

A "Slack + Email" Experience

15% Off

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In the tweet, did you notice #contentBB? Content Brick by Brick, is the way how I approach content. Speak to you in the call.

The last date for registration is 22 April 2016.

You should buy the package if you are

  • Not sure how to plan and use content for your product positioning
  • Trying to fix a broken content strategy across teams and roles (marketing, support, UX)
  • A beginner in technical communication, interested to learn about content strategy
  • Struggling in your startup or mature processes where content can join the dots.

Here is a quick recap on all goodies that you get:

Goodies 1: The Awesome MailChimp Course

Having MailChimp costs you money, knowing MailChimp makes you money. Paul Jarvis is a certified MailChimp Expert. He also know that managing a killer mailing list doesn't require years of training or learning. Chimp Essentials uses videos and code snippets to walk you through advanced (and seemingly complicated) MailChimp features that can help you engage and grow your audience.


Goodies 2: Mixergy Courses and Interviews

Learn from proven entrepreneurs. Get FREE access to 8 power packed video interviews and courses by Gary Vaynerchuk, Joe Pulizi (CMI), Neil Patel (KISSmetrics), David Cancel (Performable), Brian Clark (Rainmaker), Leo Widrich (Buffer), Susan Su (AppSumo), Eoghan McCabe (Intercom). You cannot miss listening to them, and learn from their experience.


Goodies 3: TMail Access (Slack + Email)

TMail is the next generation communication and team collaboration tool which takes away the pain points of Slack + Email combined and gives you the best of both.

I have purchased it just now. How it works?

  • You buy the package. If you just purchased it, wait for my email or see next steps.
  • Schedule time for calls via Calendly.
  • I enable youe access to Chimessentials course, Mixergy and TMail.
  • Before our call, you share your organization's goals and what exactly you are struggling with for content.
  • We discuss the 5 hours of work.
  • We plan the final call and get the 'agreed' document.

If you have taken this important step towards your content success, thank you. You will get an email in a few hours.

If you decide not to purchase, I will appreciate if you can take out 2 minutes to answer these three questions.

Second Thoughts? Last date: 22 April 2016. If you did not buy it, see a few examples of how I approach content towards an organization's success.

I will appreciate if you can spread the opportunity on twitter.

Did you notice #contentBB in the tweet? That is the fundamental unit of how I approach content. ContentBB - Content Brick by Brick. Speak to you in the call.

Questions? Write to me!