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Contributing to make more sense in the world by ensuring the right balance in business goals (makers), experience (users), and content (storytelling).

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John was looking for a knowledgebase development specialist for his B2B platform and he knocked at Vinish's LinkedIn Profile. Both agreed to work together on the project.

Louis is a content marketer in San Diego. He saw Vinish's tweets on storytelling and added him to his twitter list.

Marco noticed that Vinish writes on Medium and he was posting comments on a few posts in user onboarding and product design. He chased Vinish's ProductHunt profile and is following him for his PH contributions.

Simon found Vinish on AngelList and wished to connect for some possible work opportunity.

Alfred wanted to invite Vinish for a speaking opportunity, and he landed at Vinish's Slideshare profile.

Vinish Garg is often one of the characters in the script.

Vinish wrote a script as well, for ContentHug. It promised, but failed at the box office. Vinish is working on another script at present.